This Wednesday, Sabre will host its fourth Data and Analytics Day in Bangalore and in Southlake for employees to learn about emerging data trends. Sabre has hosted this type of event for the last few years in Southlake only, but this year the event is being expanded globally and it will include the topic of analytics, a key activity in data intelligence.  Krakow and Montevideo will also hold similar events in the upcoming weeks.

This expansion is a reflection of increased focus on how data and analytics work together to help airlines, hoteliers, and travel agencies optimize revenue and become smarter retailers by converting their own data into real business intelligence.

“We have a lot of products that use data and analytics so it’s great to be able to showcase what Sabre is doing in this space and share some industry insights,” said Jessica Thorud, interim leader for Enterprise Data and Analytics. “We’ll specifically look at how people are using analytics to create more product and service innovation. There will be plenty of opportunities for employees to ask questions throughout the day on this big and emerging area.”

The Southlake event will comprise internal and external speakers, a product fair, networking, and giveaways. Sabre Chief Product and Technology Officer Deborah Kerr will kick-off the event and President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Klein will provide the keynote address. Our technology partners, HP Vertica, Teradata and Oracle are sponsoring the event.

As part of the Sabre Bangalore lineup, Mr. Pankaj Rai, Director of Dell Global Analytics (DGA) will join their event as a guest speaker. Mr. Raj will discuss how data analytics concepts can support business decision-making. The Sabre Bangalore AirVision Operations Research and Market Intelligence teams will also host sessions on Global Demand Data and Market Intelligence Architecture.

The goal for 2016 is to have one Sabre Global Data and Analytics Day for employees to participate in around the world.