Traveling is something I love to do – seeing new places, staying in trendy, unique boutique hotels or even quaint Victorian-inspired bed and breakfasts. But sometimes, the places envisioned in my daydreams won’t play nicely with my bank account – and the result? I end up at home keeping my cats company instead of enjoying life in some charming beach town with great food and friendly people.

This is a reality that most travelers face when planning for upcoming trips and family vacations. However, there is good news! Sabre has recently partnered with The Escape List by taking the United Kingdom-based traveler website under the company’s wing by mentoring and providing advice to help the startup expand not only in Europe, but globally as well. The Escape List is the U.K.’s first and only affordable luxury hotel website, which serves as an inspiration resource that saves customers both time and money when searching for hotels and properties that match their high standards but limited budgets. After winning the Sabre-sponsored World Travel Market (WTM) Fresh Competition, it was only natural for Sabre to work with The Escape List team to enhance their technology services.

Launched in January 2013, The Escape List isn’t a website for booking travel but rather a source of inspiration for travelers who want to get away in the U.K. without lamenting the pounds associated with luxurious accommodations.  The Escape List is navigating the obstacles well, with more than 90 hotels profiled on the site and Sabre Travel Network’s Head of Innovations, Joakim Everstin, is leading the mentorship by sharing insights to help improve some of the challenges they are facing when it relates to technology and functional issues.

“Sabre has really acted as a mentor by giving us advice, not only on how we could use their services to our advantage, but also by sharing their experience from working in the industry,” said Jamie Rose, co-founder of The Escape List. “Their technology savvy has helped us assess the need for a mobile site. They are also working with us to help overcome the obstacles of installing a booking system that works for all our site’s properties, regardless of size.

“Our relationship with Sabre is ongoing, and we are still working with them on the challenges we are facing as a small business – looking for innovative solutions to our technological and functional problems,” said Rose. “They [Sabre] have given us revived hope that we can find a booking/inquiry system that allows users to book through us, regardless of whether all our hotels offer online booking or not.”

The Escape List isn’t the only company learning a thing or two.

“It’s really refreshing to work with The Escape List as it puts a nice perspective on what we do at Sabre,” said Everstin.

In the ever-changing world of travel technology, a fresh perspective combined with industry knowledge is the ticket to success.  The Sabre and The Escape List partnership is a perfect example of this concept and both companies are on the right path.  Plus, the bonus is that I can continue to plan my luxury vacation getaways on a budget!