MadWorld is an annual conference hosted by MadCap software that’s been held in sunny San Diego for the past 3 years. MadCap software enables users to create, manage and publish content to a variety of print, desktop, online and mobile formats and in multiple languages. MadWorld 2015 will include some of the world’s top technical writers teaching fellow writers about the MadCap software, share best practices, and network with industry leaders.

Most of Sabre’s technical writers within the Airline Solutions business use the full suite of MadCap software to share content across multiple formats of printed documents and online. On April 13 and 14 I’ll be giving two presentations at MadWorld. The first is entitled “Working with a Global Team to Develop Hosted Online Help Systems,”  which will focus on how the Sabre Airline Solutions team is working to de-couple the online helps from solutions and migrating them to a SaaS-based environment. By moving the online helps to SaaS, attendees will learn how to better manage the content in real-time and integrate with the MadCap software tool Mimic, which allows technical writers to create short videos.

In the second session, “Incorporating Videos Using MadCap Mimic,” I will share how Airline Solutions is using Mimic to make videos that demonstrate the features included within our solutions. Session attendees will leave with a better understanding of navigating through the video making process, incorporating the video into Flare (MadCap’s flagship software), and hosting the video within the online help for each solution.

Serving as a technical writer for the past 6 years with Sabre, I’ve learned it’s important to update the delivery method of the online helps since many companies are beginning to centrally locate their content. However, the challenge that most technical writers face is how to centrally locate while applying security to the online helps. By working with a developer, our team was able to create a system that allows for online helps to be located in a SaaS environment that provides security and access at the same time. By centrally hosting the online helps, our technical writers have the ability to update the content in real-time and use Mimic videos.

If you are attending MadWorld, please register for my sessions as you will learn more about creating a hosted environment for online helps and how to use Mimic in your online helps. Thanks and I hope to see you at MadWorld on April 13 and 14. Let’s get technical!