The Big D. Triple D. D-Town. The list of nicknames for Dallas is endless, but there is one that we particularly like—Silicon Prairie. This nickname speaks to the high concentration of telecommunications, information technology, high-tech companies and emerging innovation happening in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Dallas is home to nearly two dozen Fortune 500 headquarters, 30 startup organizations, thousands of entrepreneurs, 25 billionaires—and of course, our headquarters office. Similar to pretty much everyone in this region, we have a much-deserved sense of pride when it comes to calling Dallas our home.

Being birthed in this Silicon Prairie, Sabre is a product of a chance meeting and a big idea that occurred in a Dallas airport in the 1960s. Sabre was the first passenger reservation system ever invented. The project was a collaborative effort between American Airlines and IBM that revolutionized how people travel.

However, Dallas has been more known for the southern hospitality, our massively large DFW airport, or horse straddlin’ cowboys than the innovation hub it’s proving to be. It’s about time we did something to change that.

Sabre is a founding sponsor for Dallas Innovates, a first-of-its-kind digital news platform to expose Dallas for the visionary, disruptive, ingenious and entrepreneurial hub that it is.

Focused on enterprise, creativity, education, invention, social enterprises, and the startup community, D Magazine Partners and The Dallas Regional Chamber created Dallas Innovates. Dallas Innovates will be an interactive website with daily e-newsletters, online social engagement, a speaker series, and other events. The site will showcase the people, ideas, and companies that have made the region an epicenter for innovation, creativity, and commerce.

Our sponsorship of Dallas Innovates gives us an opportunity to work with other companies across the Dallas region to show the opportunities this region has to offer. “There is no better place to live and work in the United States than the Dallas region, and more people need to know about the exciting, ground-breaking things happening here,” says Dale Petroskey, President and CEO of the Dallas Regional Chamber. “Dallas Innovates is bringing the community together to tell that story and showcase our region so that when talented individuals from across the country look for their next exciting career opportunity, they look to Dallas.”

Dallas-Fort Worth has more than 300,000 high-tech and creative class workers, making the region a leading location in the United States for cutting-edge thought-leadership and pioneering businesses. Dallas Innovates brings the community one step closer to realizing the city’s potential to propel the innovations of tomorrow.

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