Corporate airline agreements today are more complex than ever, and hurdles are getting higher and higher. From new airline products and pricing models, to joint venture agreements and new data sources, sorting through the complexity and creating winning agreements has never been more difficult.

We have you covered with a new product now available through our corporate solutions group. Prism Avion is today’s leading solution for airline contract management, helping corporate travel buyers simplify the airline contracting process and ultimately maximize their savings.

So how does it do this? Through a combination of robust data and advanced analytics. Prism has long been known as the industry’s most trusted source for global airline contract data. Over 40 airlines and two of the global alliances rely on Prism data every day.

With Avion you now have access to this same rich dataset. It goes above and beyond basic reporting giving you insights not found anywhere else, and allows corporations to more quickly align with their airline partners on activity and contract performance.

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