An unprecedented partnership of Orlando’s leading rental agency, top hotels and major attractions  officially launched today: Drive Electric Orlando (DEO).  The effort is a first-of-its-kind electric car rental initiative that gives Orlando visitors an environmentally sustainable option while driving around the Sunshine state.

Sabre is supporting this effort by promoting the initiative to the thousands of Sabre-connected travel agents shopping or booking trips to Orlando.

Sam Gilliland, who now serves on the Sabre board of directors, spoke at the event launching “Drive Elect Orlando.”

“As a leading technology company for the travel industry, Sabre is proud to encourage the use of electric cars,” said Gilliland, of the Sabre board of directors, and a member of the Energy Security Leadership Council.  “Through our extensive network of travel agents, Sabre is promoting electric car rental in Orlando with the hope that when travelers try one they will view it as a viable option the next time they consider buying a car.  As more people turn to electric cars, our country will reduce its dependence on foreign oil.  And breakthrough technologies like electric cars and alternative fuels will reduce emissions helping contribute to a more sustainable environment.”

Read more about the initiative here