American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) is celebrating 100 years of business travel by looking back on 100 moments of business travel that changed history between 1915 and 2015. Over the last 100 years, business travel has resulted in the birth of many collaborations, inventions, discoveries and moments of pure inspiration that have driven innovation and help shape the world. We’re honored to have had such a longstanding relationship with American Express, a partnership that continues to play an ongoing role in helping travelers circumvent the globe for business.

Sabre is featured on this nostalgic timeline in year 1953, highlighting the conversation between two strangers, C.R. Smith & R. Blair Smith, on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. This chance meeting led to the birth of an idea that would change the world of travel. The story of Sabre began with a moment between two travelers thinking of ways to make travel better. A lot has changed since that notable flight, but the Sabre mission remains unchanged – innovation in technology that leads the travel industry.

Other history-changing moments include a trip to New Jersey that resulted in the discovery of Play-Doh, the first ever ‘bizcation’ that turned a delayed honeymoon into a deal for the European expansion of Elizabeth Arden, and Walt Disney’s summertime visit to the Chicago Railroad Fair as inspiration for the most renowned amusement park in the world—Disneyland.

If you visit the 100 Years of Business Travel page, you can see stories for every year in the past century that business travel has played a part in creating. Stay tuned to see Sabre’s “moment”, as GBT will continue to reveal these dynamic stories of companies that drove 100 years of global economic, social and technological progress by what once began as a moment in travel. To learn more about the Sabre story, visit our history page.