Social media engagement is becoming more relevant for B2B companies to help impact their bottom line by building or strengthening customer and employee advocacy. Social media also increases brand awareness and helps gather customer and business insights through real-time reporting analytics. At Sabre, we recognize the value of these new and emerging communications and have assembled a team to help our employees better understand social media and best practices for engaging in the social space.

Today, the Sabre Social Media Task Force will lead the company’s first Social Media Activation Training Program. The Activation Program aims to help Sabre employees become more active in social media by offering two activity options they can choose (#RedOrBlue):


Promoter (Blue Pill) – Act as a promoter by sharing quality, industry-facing content and Sabre-branded influencer driven content

Contributor (Red Pill) –Explore the world of influencer-driven content by contributing short blogs (350-400 words) to the Sabre Newsroom

During the in-person training today at headquarters in Southlake, TX, the Social Task Force will train a group of  Sabre employees how to effectively insert themselves into high level, industry-facing conversations by sharing meaningful content with their followers  and networks. This is a global initiative and the Activation Training is open to all employees interested in learning more about the world of B2B Social Media engagement. With so much talent within Sabre’s walls, the social activation training provides employees the opportunity to improve their personal brand while increasing their visibility / influence via the social space.

Social Media Activation Training: 3 Components

  • Social Media Engagement
  • Twitter / LinkedIn Overview
  • Content Marketing 101

Social media is easy to use, makes content easy to share and we’re confident this program is  another step in Sabre’s journey to become a more socially engaged company that highlights its employees’ knowledge and expertise while also  communicating our company’s story. You’re invited to join Sabre on this journey by following our social accounts:

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