The Global Customer Support Center team kicked off Passport to Freedom campaign in Uruguay with an awareness-raising event in downtown Montevideo.

Montevideo, Uruguay – As part of Sabre’s continued global outreach through its Passport to Freedom initiative, Sabre’s Global Customer Support Center team in Montevideo gathered on Sept. 21 at “Plaza Constitución” to educate Sabre employees and community members on how to recognize and report likely occurrences of human trafficking, as part of our company’s global Passport to Freedom initiative.

During this event, educational videos were shared on a giant screen to help raise awareness about this problem. Sabre’s team was joined by musical performances from local bands and dance groups, which helped attract the attention of people passing by. During the four-hour event, 3,000 informative leaflets were distributed among attendees.

“The event was fantastic! We had the chance to share with people about this Sabre initiative against human trafficking, and about how to recognize suspicious activities and where to call to report them,” Natalia Kroger, senior advertising campaign manager for Sabre Travel Network Media Solutions. “And we had a good time while we helped fight against this crime!”

This event had the support and participation of national and international organizations that are stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking. Also present at the event were three survivors of human trafficking, who expressed their gratitude to Sabre for taking action on the issue and emphasized how it is everyone’s responsibility to become aware of the problem, to learn how to identify it and report it to the authorities.

They also shared with our Sabre Montevideo team how comfortable and respected they felt during the event.

“Events like these are so critically important to raise awareness of human trafficking, not only of our employees but also in the communities where we live and work, and to empower people to take action and help those ensnared in this horrible global crime,” said Cristina Scott, chairperson of Sabre’s Passport to Freedom initiative. “We are enormously grateful to the other organizations, the bands, the dance groups and, most importantly, our brave survivor attendee friends for partnering with Sabre in this fight against modern day slavery.  We think our Passport to Freedom initiative is making a positive impact but we’re still in the beginning phase – there is so much more we can and will be doing to help bring an end to human trafficking.”

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