Usability professionals will be celebrated across the world on World Usability Day, November 12th, and Sabre is planning festivities for all who wish to celebrate at our headquarters office.

The Usability Professionals’ Association established World Usability Day in 2005 to promote a user’s obligation to ask for things that give them a better experience throughout their daily lives and explore new ways to design things in a simpler fashion. The day of celebration brings together communities of professionals, educators and even government groups.

Adrienne Guillory, senior usability engineer at Sabre, is excited about the opportunity to celebrate with her fellow usability professionals. “Over the last few months we’ve reached out to individuals to connect them to a bigger UX community and this is one big party to celebrate all of us. We’re building a bond with everyone,” Adrienne said.

Sabre started a tradition of organizing events around World Usability Day upon the inception of this global day of observance a decade ago—and we’ve been celebrating every year since. As a company dedicated to providing top-notch usability in every technology solution we produce, Sabre is proud to showcase this event and the ideas that it inspires. “Usability and human factors isn’t a flavor of the month for us—it’s something that has been a part of Sabre for twenty years. We have on-site usability labs to examine user behaviors and identify opportunities we have to enhance that experience, that’s not something that every technology company has,” usability principal, Kris Courtney explains. “That’s the dedication that Sabre has to getting things right.” User preferences are always changing; it’s more important than ever to immerse our team members in the freshest UX ideas generated from these types of gatherings.

Celebrated author and design professional, Stephen P. Anderson is bringing fresh content to the Sabre stage with his talk, “Hooked on a Feeling”. He will explore the subtle, but critical ways we can level up work to bring more depth and richness to the users’ experiences. Stephen is the chief experience officer at BloomBoard, where he is transforming how teachers grow as professionals. A former high school teacher, he challenges and inspires people as an international speaker. He’s presented at some of the world’s largest industry events like SXSW, teaching product teams about interactive visualizations, emotional design, and other usability topics. You might know him as the man behind the Mental Notes card deck—a tool that’s widely used by product teams to apply psychology to interaction design. He also authored Seductive Interaction Design, which answers the question: “How do we get people to fall in love with our applications?”

If you are looking for a new career opportunity, World Usability Day at Sabre should definitely be on your radar. Adrienne said, “My previous employer didn’t have a World Usability day celebration. World Usability Day is an opportunity to network and learn about best practices—all while being celebrated as a professional in the appreciated field of usability” The Sabre recruiting team will be team will be in full force, looking for others who share a passion for vital technology, fresh thinking and global opportunities. As our focus on user experience across Sabre solutions continues to increase, so does the search for top UX talent. Kris said, “If you’re interested in getting to know a company that has had usability in its DNA for twenty years, you should come check it out.”

Our World Usability Day celebration will be held on November 12th at 5 p.m. and will include a mixer, a tour of our Usability Labs and the exclusive talk by Stephen P. Anderson’s talk, “Hooked on a Feeling”. Come out and celebrate usability!