How do airlines convert large amounts of unstructured data sets into personalized solutions for travelers? We teamed up with industry experts from Virgin America, Virgin Australia, Kulula, The Economist and others to discuss this exact topic and how it relates to the future of customer-centric airline retailing.

During this engaging roundtable discussion, industry experts used their unique perspectives and experiences to discuss airline retailing and personalization challenges that the industry faces today. The panel provided potential solutions and cross-vertical examples that airlines can use to adapt to rising customer expectations.

If you weren’t able to tune in live, you can see the best moments captured in the highlight video. To see real examples and answers on how airlines can use data and analytics to personalize the travel experience, you can watch the complete sessions or choose a specific topic from below to watch short recaps.

By using data, past interactions and customer preferences, airlines have an opportunity to predict traveler desires, improve operations and better serve their customers.

Personalization is one skill that suppliers across the industry are attempting to master.

Luckily, the travel industry is loaded with valuable data to customize each traveler’s experience in a unique and thoughtful way.