Last week, Sabre CEO Tom Klein was invited to be the keynote speaker at the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce State of Technology Luncheon at the Dallas Marriott City Center. The annual luncheon brings together corporations, entrepreneurs and academics for a discussion regarding the technology industry in North Texas. Klein’s presentation focused on technology trends that apply to most business leaders such as Big Data, analytics and mobile while describing the value that these technologies can deliver to all organizations (whether they’re a Fortune 500 CEO or small business owner) as well as consumers.

Klein opened his comments by highlighting the value that technology can deliver to enterprises, organizations and consumers – especially when considering the combination of Big Data, analytics and mobile. “These are trends that apply to any business, big or small – that means they apply, or will soon apply, to everyone,” Klein said. Tom added that Big Data is characterized by the 3 Vs – Volume, Velocity and Variety:

  1. Volume – Lots and lots of data, and in unprecedented amounts
  2. Velocity – Real-time data that is received in rapid streams
  3. Variety – Includes both structured and unstructured data from non-traditional sources (e.g. social media)

Klein also discussed the importance of Business Intelligence and how more companies are leveraging data produced by others to help them better understand / serve their customers. Tom cited Sabre as an industry example by explaining how Sabre Hospitality Solutions captures shopping behavior on a heat map to help our hotel customers visualize the data to ultimately turn shopping activity into improved sales. Klein used Sabre Flight Explorer as another Big Data application example, which monitors millions of flights, weather conditions, flight restrictions, etc. to provide airlines critical data (in real-time) that is easily accessible and highly visual. Tom closed by affirming that Sabre is “all in” when it comes to mobile by citing Sabre’s mobile app, TripCase, a data-rich, location-aware tool that sends travelers updates, alerts, alternate flights, maps, etc. to help travelers manage their trips.

Click here to read “5 Questions with Tom Klein, CEO of Sabre” by Dallas Regional Chamber. Follow Tom on Twitter – @tomkleintk