One of the important tenets of our corporate strategy is to “build extraordinary teams with exceptional people,” and Sabre Bangalore’s main focus over the years has been to establish a strong university connections program to hire fresh talent with lots of potential from some of the top universities in India. The University Connections program has 2 streams – Internship program that is conducted twice a year and College graduates (fulltime) hiring program conducted in July each year. Since 2008, 151 college graduates have been hired via this program and college hires today constitute a very impressive 8.1% of the total site head count in Bangalore.

Anu Rahar was hired at Sabre Bangalore via the University Connection program in the summer of 2014 and is a great example of how the program has yielded top talent for Sabre. Anu was a gold medalist at the University of Goa which means she earned the first rank in the post-graduate Computer Science program. Last, Annu Rahar also became one of the select few across India who was handpicked by the Indian Ministry of Human Resources to be a special guest of the honorable prime minister of India.

Annu Rahar – (3rd from left, second row)

Annu Rahar – (3rd from left, second row)

Annu was given the privilege to attend India’s 66th Republic Day event that was held in New Delhi on 26th January 2015. Every year, the government of India invites a guest of honor, who is normally a head of state or government. This year’s notable guest included U.S. President Mr. Barack Obama who attended this event with his wife Michelle Obama and other dignitaries. President Obama was welcomed by India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and President Mr. Pranab Mukherji.

Annu attended this event with other students and witnessed the astonishing event from the Prime Minister’s enclosure. These student groups were also accompanied by senior officials of Indian Ministry of Human Resources. Annu had the opportunity to watch the large military parade, which was comprised of large number of representatives from the Indian Army, Navy and air Force and traditional dance troupes and it indeed was a once in a lifetime experience for her.

Annu also received a certificate of appreciation from the Human Resources ministry. This was really a moment of pride not just for her but also the entire Sabre Bangalore office.


Deborah Kerr met Annu Rahar during her Bangalore trip and appreciated her effort. Deborah also felicitated & recognized her by awarding some goodies as a token of appreciation. This highlights Sabre’s rich history of recognizing talent and supporting them to become successful.