The Sabre Bangalore office is proud to be listed as a title sponsor at Quark 2015 technology festival of BITS Pilani. “Quark” is considered India’s largest Innovation & technical festival with strong attendance and  participation. The festival will be held from 6th-8th February’2015 at BITS Pilani – K.K. Birla Goa Campus.

Over the years, Quark has been a forum for some of the most distinguished scientists, entrepreneurs and world leaders. Notable individuals include the Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Nobel Laureates like Sir Harold Kroto and Prof Douglas Osheroff, eminent scientists such as Dr. Chris Phillips and Dr. Vic Hayes, and many more. In 2013, Quark was awarded UNESCO Patronage, the highest form of support granted to an organization.

This year, Sabre is the associate sponsor for the entire QUARK technology festival apart from being the title sponsor for “Programmers Inc” category. There will be different events under “Programmers Inc” category that will be used to test participants’ coding/analytical skills, ability to visualize and solve complex problems. All the participants will be encouraged to come-up with a solution for any travel domain related problems.Here is the quick summary of all the events:

  • APPLIFICATION: The participant’s will develop a mobile application. All the participants will be encouraged to come-up with an application related to Travel domain ecosystem
  • BINARY PIRATES: Online hacking competition that will test participant’s coding skills along with challenging their understanding of web vulnerability concepts
  • DATA MINING: This event will test their combined skills for Data Analysis and creativity. Participants will be expected to present complex information quickly and clearly
  • QUEST: This event is similar to Sabre’s Big-Pitch event where participants will present new business ideas to solve any complex solution or enter into untapped markets

As a key sponsor of above events, Sabre Bangalore will get the opportunity to strengthen its brand image in India among the best talents of some of the reputed technological institutions of India.

Shail Maniar

In addition to the Sabre sponsored events, Shail Maniar (Vice President, Sabre) will be one of the featured keynote speakers at Quark 2015. During his talk, Shail will  speak about Sabre, its rich history of innovation and how Sabre’s products are transforming the travel industry. Shail’s presentation will also highlight the expertise that lies in the Sabre Bangalore office, its great innovation culture, its key initiatives and touch upon our marquee events such as Innovation Garage, Data Day, Give Together, Passport to Freedom, etc.