Do you have the next big idea that can change the way millions of people travel every day?

Are you a builder, innovator and doer?

Join the league with HackerEarth and thousands of engineers at India’s biggest technical confluence, IndiaHacks 2016 hackathon, which will be conducted in two phases – online and offline.

Sabre is proud to partner with HackerEarth to sponsor the Travel and Transportation Hackathon track. Over the last two years IndiaHacks has birthed great ideas and innovations and we are looking forward to fostering and nurturing this spirit of innovation by collaborating with IndiaHacks.

There are a total of 9 contests (3 programming and 6 hackathons) as a part of the online contest that will be followed by on-site events. You can register for IndiaHacks 2016 Travel and Transportation Hackathon, and be a part of this amazing community of hackers and coders.

We’re also providing access to our APIs and expertise for programming solutions for the following travel and transportation challenges:

  • Enhance Traveler Experience – Create an app to make the experience of a traveler easier, better and hassle free. You can create new features or integrate with our itinerary management app – TripCase
  • Making Hotels Smarter – Develop applications that will allow hotels to collect, manage and mine data to offer seamless guest experience.
  • Connecting the Third World Travelers – Create payment solutions that will allow third world travelers – who do not have access to credit cards, internet and basic payment methods, to buy and plan travel.
  • Sky is the Limit – Inspire, Innovate, Transform – In this open category let your imaginations explore the use of data analytics to visualization, to create solutions for travelers and travel providers – from reservations to payments solutions, form ancillary offerings to crisis management and more. In short, anything that will enhance the travel technology.

You can leverage Sabre APIs for a hack that is sure to keep up with the competition.

The IndiaHacks 2016 Hackathon is free and open to developers, who need to form a team of at least 2 members with programming, design and other technology skill sets. The online Hackathon will start at 6 p.m. on January 29 and end at 11 a.m. on February 1. Senior developers and some of the top leaders from Sabre will be available online to help the participants with queries during the 72 hour hackathon.

The 1st place team wins a trip to the “valley” of many high-tech corporations and thousands of startup companies, San Francisco, California. We’re also awarding the winner of the Travel and Transportation track with a trip to our Dallas office.

The evaluation of the submission will be done on standard four parameters – Idea, Design, Code and Usability:

  • Idea – Innovation and Creativity in the Idea/Concept
  • Design – Any interactive and creative hack from design perspective. Subtle patterns / Textures / Elegant design / Icons / Typography. Use of UI / UX / CSS3 and HTML5 features
  • Code – Coding Standard, Beautified and well maintained code, External libraries. Algorithms, Web API, Creativity, Logic, Framework, Subversion, Network Communication.
  • Usability – Overall functionality of the submission, Use of sane labels/text/context/design which would make sense. Added efforts/features/value. Embracing innovation/idea/task in mind. Lesser bugs.

Top 20 submissions will be shortlisted based on these criteria and invited for an offline event where the participants are expected to further improve their hacks and make a final presentation of their apps before a panel of judges for final round.