Travelocity Tracking Shows U.S. Airports Proved to Be up to the Task This Thanksgiving Weekend; Despite Bumpy Weather Throughout Much of the Country, Travelers Experienced Smooth Sailing Through Security

SOUTHLAKE, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 29, 2004–Thanksgiving weekend showed few hassles in terms of long delays at security checkpoints at airports throughout the country. According to live airport monitoring conducted by Travelocity(R), U.S. airports kept travelers moving through security despite bumpy weather that caused arrival and departure delays across the nation.

Lines through security, tracked on the hour by Travelocity representatives, flowed relatively quickly considering the holiday madness that is typically expected during Thanksgiving week. Monitoring the largest airports throughout the country, Travelocity found that average wait times were consistently less than 15 minutes (and often 10 minutes or less) through security checkpoints, pointing to a positive outlook for the rest of the holiday season.

Dedicated to informing travelers, Travelocity stationed people at 25 of the nation’s busiest airports for the fourth year in a row to monitor security waits and other key happenings on the two busiest travel days of the year, the Wednesday before and the Sunday following Thanksgiving (Nov. 24 and 28).

“If this Thanksgiving is any indication of what travelers can expect for our next big holiday weekend in December, we should consider ourselves in very good shape for a smooth experience,” said Amy Ziff, Travelocity’s editor-at-large. “Based on this year’s and last year’s holiday wait times, it appears that the Transportation Security Administration may have found the right formula in terms of staffing and overall security procedures. Travelocity’s airport trackers reported minimal delays again this year in getting through the airport, although other factors such as airport parking and weather issues may have held up some travelers.”

“While there are always exceptions in terms of wait times and uncontrollable events that could cause hiccups, such as an uninformed traveler getting held up in the security screening process or harsh winds and fog, travelers in general can rate this holiday a success,” said Ziff.

Here are the observations made by Travelocity representatives stationed at 25 of the nation’s busiest airports:

Wednesday, November 24th longest average waits through security were found at the following airports:

    --  Newark: 15 minutes

    --  Los Angeles: 13.3 minutes

    --  Washington National: 13.3 minutes

Wednesday, November 24th shortest average waits through security were found at:

    --  New York (JFK): 5.5 minutes

    --  Detroit: 5.6 minutes

    --  San Jose: 5.6 minutes

    Sunday, November 28th longest average waits through security were
found at:

    --  Miami: 22.9 minutes

    --  Phoenix: 17.5 minutes

    --  Newark: 14.5 minutes

Sunday, November 28th shortest average waits through security were found at:

    --  Houston Bush: 4.6 minutes

    --  Washington Dulles: 5.9 minutes

    --  Orlando: 6 minutes

    --  Detroit: 6 minutes

    --  Boston: 6 minutes

    Additional results:

    --  With the relatively short wait times at security checkpoints
        and weather delays taking place across the country,
        Thanksgiving travelers had time to endure other lines. Some of
        the longest waits were for concessions such as coffee and
        donuts. In Miami, lines to purchase a lottery ticket for the
        state's $60 million jackpot were often longer than security
        checkpoint lines.

    --  At the nation's busiest airports, parking filled up quickly
        this Thanksgiving. By as early as 10 a.m., long-term parking
        was filling up, and in some cases, already full.

    --  At Chicago Midway, human passengers weren't the only Turkey
        Day travelers getting pat-downs when going through security. A
        number of pets also had to undergo the Transportation Security
        Administration's careful screening process.

    --  Ironically, some international travelers going through Miami's
        airport forgot an important piece of luggage, their

    --  Some airports provided special holiday programming to
        entertain and relax travelers:

        --  The Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta and Chicago Midway airports
            had musical performances.

        --  At Chicago O'Hare, Dora the Explorer amused the children.

        --  At Baltimore, travelers could enjoy a unique display
            featuring different parts of an airplane.

        --  At Dallas/Fort Worth, seven-foot turkeys and pilgrims
            cruised the terminals and donuts and beverages were
            provided to vacationers.

In addition to providing the airport information, Rally Caparas, Eye On The Sky correspondent for Travelocity Business(SM), reported that poor weather conditions caused holiday travelers to experience some of the worst flight delays for the Thanksgiving weekend this year, as compared with recent years. For example there were delays reaching up to three to four hours for those flying into New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta. For ongoing flight delay information, check out

For more tips and advice on traveling this holiday season, visit Amy Ziff’s weekly column at

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