I think we can all agree that everyone benefits when we apply more revolutionary thinking to the challenges faced by the travel industry.  For this reason, I’m especially excited that Sabre is hosting the company’s first-ever hackathon for external developers.  #ReinventTravel is a 24-hour hackathon in which Sabre Dev Studio will open up its APIs and services to local and virtual developers. And, all this effort is focused on bringing the design and development community together to help propel travel forward by addressing many of the complex technical issues facing the travel ecosystem.

As a member of the team at Bottle Rocket, I’ve been fortunate to be a part of similar events that promote innovation.  Bottle Rocket has designed, built and launched over 150 premium brand experiences since the company was founded just over 6 years ago.  While designing a remarkable user experience is challenging, the biggest hurdle to digital innovation that we’ve seen is the absence of the modern web services needed to power the type of experience most users have come to expect.

The launch of Sabre’s Dev Studio changes that reality by opening access to the company’s industry-leading services.  As a judge, I am excited to review ideas that could potentially revolutionize the travel industry. The $15,000 in prizes for 1st place may be just the incentive someone needs to launch that next amazing experience in travel. Come check out the hackathon presentations on August 1-2 at Sabre’s headquarters in Southlake, TX.