Concerns over privacy issues with IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) are being examined by the Working Party 29 (a subset of the European Commission composed of representatives of the data protection authorities from all EU Member States and of the European Commission).

IATA claims disclosure of information by travelers is optional however the organizations’ documents tell another story.

As Sabre, we believe personalization is the ‘way forward’ in the marketplace, and we’ve put it at the heart of our technology strategy. Our approach embraces what both travel suppliers and buyers want – for suppliers, the ability to differentiate products and deepen customer loyalty, and for buyers, transparency, choice and privacy. 

We blend existing technology standards with new and emerging ones that preserve anonymous shopping and fare transparency for travelers. 

Sabre will collaborate with the industry, including IATA, on blended standards that leverage the very best of what is on offer today with emerging technology, for the benefit of airlines, hotels, travelers and the rest of the industry.

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