The personalization topic has taken the industry by storm.


With all the talk about this behemoth of a topic, have you wondered how your agency stacks up?


Find out with this short quiz.


If you’ve taken it already, even better. Here’s a deeper dive into the data.



The quiz breaks down your sophistication level into three categories: beginner, intermediate or advanced. It then tells you…

  • where you are now (and the benefits that come from that level)
  • what you can expect to see at the next level of sophistication


Feedback from this quiz has been popular. Agencies want to know more! So let’s go deeper.


As detailed in the personalization report NOW It’s Personal, the below chart outlines the five stages of personalization. (Read the report to learn more about each stage.)

Here’s how the beginner, intermediate and advanced categories of the quiz tie to each stage of sophistication:






Your agency falls within Capture and Use.


You collect some traveler data and use this data to help service the customer at the time of sale. You should ensure that data is consistently collected for all your travelers, and that this customer data can be used to offer relevant experiences to your customers. Depending on the size of your agency, you may not need to share information with other systems – but all agencies can benefit from customer analytics.



Your agency falls within Share.


This means that you successfully capture and use customer profile data and share that data with other systems (such as online booking tools or CRM systems) to engage with the traveler in a meaningful way. Be sure you to use your knowledge of the traveler to serve them relevant experiences.


It’s now time to take the next step: data mining. Data mining can help you better target and reach your customers.



Congratulations! Your agency falls within Report and Predict.


You are a master at leveraging customer data to build the best experience for your travelers throughout the traveler journey. Use your knowledge of your customer base to ensure they receive the best experience at every touch point with your agency. Make sure you are continually learning from your customers, and continue to build upon the knowledge that you have of them.



Haven’t taken the quiz yet? Take it here!


And while you’re at it, download our personalization report, NOW It’s Personal.