Innovation and growth are words we hear every day. But what do these mean to your business and how can Sabre make these transformation goals a reality?

To Otravo, one of the largest online travel agencies in Europe, this means building the best customer service in Benelux and Scandinavia. Coupled with their ambitious growth plans, it was clear that Otravo needed a trusted technology partner. They wanted to improve speed and choice for their customers, but promises for upgrades and new features by their previous technology partner weren’t being met.

“Since we’ve converted to Sabre, we’re booking more complex and expensive dynamic packages and tours, we’re able to show more flights details and seating options, and we’re connected to the meta-site channel now. These upgrades have helped us grown our transactions 40% year over year” says Otravo CEO Raymond Vrijenhoek.

Otravo has achieved some impressive results since converting to Sabre – bookings, turnover and customer satisfaction are all up.

We are delighted that Otravo have just renewed their partnership with us and look forward to hearing about more fantastic results moving forward!

Click here to find out why Otravo chose Sabre to be their strategic partner, resulting in a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction, and a 40% increase in turnover.