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Logo usage

Our logo is our most visible brand asset, so please treat it nicely. You will find the Sabre logo artwork here. You may also refer to the complete Sabre Brand website for additional guidelines.

Always reproduce the Sabre logo from the electronic artwork. No alteration to the logo, other than sizing, should ever be made. This includes any manipulation of the color, style, proportions or spacing of the letterforms.

When using the Sabre logo, please do not:

  • Modify the shape of the logo
  • Use an unauthorized color on any part of the logo
  • Outline any part of the logo
  • Recreate the logotype
  • Create any unauthorized logo locks-ups with text or symbols
  • Use the logo as text, in a sentence or headline
  • Angle or distort the logo
  • Use the logo on backgrounds, which can hinder its legibility