Sabre’s new multi-year technology services partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) opened the HPE Americas FY16 Kick-off meeting in Dallas on Dec. 9, and Sabre CFO Rick Simonson pledged that Sabre will be HPE’s “#1, most constructively challenging customer, with the most innovation, allowing us to provide even more highly differentiated solutions and value to Sabre’s customers.”

On. Nov. 25, Sabre and HPE announced a multi-year renewal of its long-standing partnership, under which HPE will provide virtualization, automation and security services, hardware and software to support faster product development and extend Sabre’s position as the leading technology provider to the global travel industry. HPE also will provide new services to support Sabre’s growth and product priorities in the areas of data analysis, operations, e-commerce, retailing and merchandising for businesses across the travel industry.

“We are operating on the firm belief that with HPE at our side, we will grow at a faster rate, and more importantly, offer our customers innovations and solutions that will power their growth and success,” said Simonson.  “We want to stay ahead of the curve and solve for challenges and create opportunities for our customers better, faster and more reliably than anyone else.  This HPE agreement is an important lynchpin in that strategy.