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NDC is an industry standard. Going beyond NDC is about innovation, guided by a long-term retailing strategy. Whether you’re focused on leisure or business travel, at Sabre, we build with end-to-end workflows in mind–that means as NDC takes off, you won’t be left behind. We’ve integrated and normalized EDIFACT and NDC content so that it’s easy to compare and book the right option for your customers with easy processing by your mid and back-office systems. Connect with us via the Offer and Order APIs or Sabre Red 360.

Content access

Give travelers access to innovative air and ancillary content

Easy comparison

NDC offers appear alongside other content, while end-to-end workflow support keeps you operating efficiently

Reliable and secure

Our technology, powered by Sabre and Google, scales with your business needs to reduce friction on the journey to offer and order-based travel retailing

Grow your top and bottom lines

Quickly add distinctive and surcharge-free offers to your content mix

Start booking NDC offers in Sabre Red 360 today

When you travel beyond the standard of NDC, the possibilities are limitless. Our Air Shopping path is fully API enabled so it pulls from multiple sources of information at once, including traditional, low-cost carrier and NDC Offers. It’s all presented in a single display for efficient comparison shopping. See how it works.

NDC resources for Travel Retailers

  • Article


    September 10, 2023

    Beyond NDC supports multi-passenger offers

    The reason for booking a trip usually informs how many people will be involved. Corporate travel often includes one adult, while leisure trips typically involve multiple adults, or families with young children in tow. Sabre’s NDC…

  • Article


    February 2, 2023

    Is the NDC juice worth the squeeze?

    I recently sat down with industry commentator and CEO of Agentivity, Riaan van Schoor, to discuss the current state of New Distribution Capability (NDC) adoption in the industry. In the 20-minute interview, we covered how NDC…

  • Article


    October 4, 2022

    Booking NDC content is easy in the Sabre GDS. Here’s why.

    Looking for more detail? Check out our resources for getting started with NDC: Don’t miss out on NDC updates from Sabre! Subscribe to stay up to date on news and fresh resources.

  • Article


    September 30, 2022

    Video: Realizing the value of NDC

    Benefits that travel sellers will realize as they activate NDC A key benefit for travel sellers activating NDC is insights into the operational impact that NDC has and the ability to create an action plan to…

  • Article


    September 19, 2022

    Video: What we’ve learned since launching NDC

    We’ve been live with NDC since March 2021 Shopping response times need to improve As we’ve completed integrations with airlines, we continue to see challenges with getting shopping responses back in an acceptable time frame. So,…

  • Article


    September 6, 2022

    Video: Why is NDC still a hot topic?

    An initiative impacting the entire ecosystem We’ve seen NDC a lot of attention over the years, which is primarily because it’s a multi-faceted industry initiative that is impacting the entire ecosystem. At its core, NDC is…

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