Download: The Transformation of the Travel Manager’s Role

Travel managers have traditionally had difficulty getting their hands on reliable, comprehensive data for shaping and improving strategic travel plans and processes, and consolidating it across global operations.

Without understanding executive priorities across the organisation and obtaining the accurate and timely data that helps address these, travel managers will always struggle to elevate the importance of corporate travel in the boardroom.

Gathering the right information to make the right decisions

It’s vital for travel managers to gather relevant information relating to travel activity from each department, to create a comprehensive plan that links to the organisation’s KPIs for a holistic view of cost-benefits.

Identifying the most valuable information is a key goal for many travel managers. Working with senior executives and other closely aligned departments, such as finance, will help travel managers communicate their value through sophisticated, joined-up reporting.

Data analysis tools cover all stages of the travel program and no matter how journeys are sourced, booked, fulfilled or expensed, hidden insights show the financial and non-financial benefits of a managed travel program. Utilising financial metrics is an area where there is a skills shortfall among travel managers and this is forcing them to look to TMCs for support in data collection, storage, processing and analysis.

Taking measured steps together

Without the specialist expertise TMCs can provide, it’s difficult for travel managers to keep up with advances in travel technology and the latest methods for performance measurement that complement their existing metrics.

TMCs can help travel managers to position travel programs more strategically within the organization and provide actionable insights – definite steps they can take to address executive priorities, generate business results and demonstrate their value at board level.

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