Virtual payments for any expense

Recent victims of data breaches include big travel brands like Starwood, Marriott and Hyatt. In this day and age, no one can afford to ignore payment security. Given our growing vulnerability to fraud, it’s no surprise that more travel agencies and corporations are moving towards an alternative form of payment.

Paying with a virtual card reduces your risk to fraud. Whether you’re an agency, corporation or traveler, you rest easy knowing that the unique card number used to pay for your travel expense is limited to a specific date and merchant category. And with Sabre Virtual Payments you immediately win back valuable time since payments are automatically matched to a booking, automating the cumbersome expense reconciliation process.

Today, most agencies use a Sabre Virtual Payments Red App to generate a virtual card when paying for hotel, air and rail, but you now have the option to for egenerate a virtual card for anything!  With the new Sabre Virtual Payments website you can quickly generate a virtual card for other business expenses.

If you find yourself in any of the scenarios below, the new Sabre Virtual Payments website is perfect for you!

  1. I want to use a virtual card for my own agency expenses so, just like my corporate clients, I can eliminate the headaches that come when it’s time to reconcile expenses.
  2. As a corporate employee, I already use Virtual Payments to pay for travel, but I’m interested in extending this secure form of payment into other areas of expense.
  3. With all the meetings and events that we plan, it’s hard to control costs and understand what money went where.
  4. We are seeing more and more recruits, contractors and millennials without corporate cards and their types of expenses vary. We would like to control additional incidentals using virtual payments.
  5. With fraud instances jumping 127% in the last year, I want to protect my business and those I serve from being a part of the growing statistic.

Ready to expand your use of Virtual Payments? Or maybe you are new to this growing form of payment. Click here to access the new website or create an account.