I want to start by describing the above picture. In this picture I was actually working so hard to make money. I was getting paid to play pool, bowling, laser tag and so on. Ok, let’s flash back to five weeks ago when I stared working as an intern at Sabre.

First Week:

My thought during the entire week was: “Oh my God, this is a huge company, how wasnít I aware about this company before getting this job?” First week was all fun, participating in orientation, meeting new people, going to a Big Event and beat other interns at pool.

Second Week:

I worked as an intern in some other companies and usually it took only one or two days to get familiar with the environment and understand what’s going on around me. In Sabre it took almost two weeks until I finally figured out the routines. One thing that I noticed was that I didn’t see the same person twice while walking in hallways. Sabre headquarters has about 3,000 employees. Most of the time I’m 1,300th employee to go to work every morning. (I know this number because of the parking counter :)

Third Week:

Everyday in Sabre you learn something new and it may not relate to your job; for example one of the meetings that we had with other interns was about human traffickers. They taught us how to recognize human traffickers and what to do after that. I still remember the phone number: 1-888-373-7888

Fourth Week:

We had a lot of guest speakers and almost all of them could be excellent role models for our future. We had this opportunity to ask them the key of their success. One of the best things I liked on the very first day in Sabre was when we were in the orientation session and in the middle of it a gentleman opened the door and came in. Our recruiter introduced him as the president of Sabre!!! It was an unplanned speech, he saw the signs for interns and he came in and thanked us for choosing Sabre for our internship. I was really impressed by his speech and his modesty for attending our orientation.

Fifth Week:

I have committed my first code to the big application, which is for iPad devices. The following picture shows how busy I was to finish this task :) After finishing this task my manager appreciated my job. I’m thankful that my work was noticed by my manager and group leader.

There are few things that I want to mention:

I was in contact with many recruiters, almost all of them were too serious and it seems that they never made jokes in their entire life. Look at the following picture, she is one our recruiters, although she is serious at her job, she makes jokes during her speeches. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture with our other recruiter but she is also a nice lady that helped us in many ways.

Different groups have different plans for their interns, I saw on Sabre News that they took some interns to DFW for informative visit, where they were able to tour an Emirates aircraft and take pictures in first class and business class. Instead, our group planned something that had more fun; they invited us to a party and gave us tickets for “The Internship Movie” We really enjoyed the movie not only for the movie per se, but for getting paid during the party :)