Shopping for air travel on a mobile device is challenging due to the small screen to view results. Thus, it is particularly important to display the relevant itineraries and in the right order of preference, as defined by the company’s travel manager. This application is an adaptation of the Preference Driven Air Shopping (PDAS) app for business travel. The mobile app demonstrates an air shopping display to be used by the travel department of a corporation. The company’s travel policy is modelled as one of the preferences. Other relevant flight attributes like codeshare flights, on-time performance, total mileage and trip importance are also modelled to further fine tune the shopping display results. Three traveler types with pre-define preference profiles can be selected. The Road Warrior is the employee that is constantly on the road (example: sales); The Highly Managed Traveler is the infrequent traveler (example: conference trip); The Lightly Managed Traveler profile is typically used for executive travel. The shopper can choose to use the defaults for each profile or edit the preferences at the time of shop. This app can further be adapted to be used either by the traveler or the company’s travel administrator.

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