Preference Driven Air Shopping (PDAS) is an app that simplifies air shopping on a customer’s own mobile device.  In this new version, additional features have been added for use by a single airline on its own website.  For example, travel dates and lengths of stay are modelled as preferences. This allows specification of multiple and discrete travel dates.

Some examples of date search criteria include: a) Find the lowest priced itinerary for a weekend trip in July, and b) is it less expensive to leave Saturday instead of Friday?  Connection time is also a preference. So now a business traveler can now specify a tighter connection time preference or a traveler with children can specify a preference of a longer connect time.  Connect Points (Airports) can also be specified as preferences so that the traveler can remove undesirable airport connections.  PDAS is a useful service which helps make air shopping more convenient for travelers by increasing search options.

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