The Beaconator uses proximity beacons to help hotels discover how customers interact and flow through a property. A beacon is a small, inexpensive Bluetooth device that simply tells an app to look for the beacon, which then shows how close a user is to the beacon. If beacons are placed in various areas in a hotel — for example, the lobby bar, pool and restaurant — a hotel could determine a guest’s location based on which beacons are nearest.

The true utility comes from the way that the Beaconator can then map traffic flows in the property. By tracking guest flows, hotels can track performance of specific offers, such as a complimentary cocktail. A property can answer questions like:  Are the offered special programs are working? Where are the VIP guests spending their time? Does a morning workout drive more breakfast business? Understanding the efficiency of marketing via direct guest movements is a unique and useful use of beacon technology!

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