IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) opens new possibilities for airline retailing and has the potential to deliver value to key players across the travel ecosystem. Alone, however, it is only a standard and doesn’t drive innovation.

To truly reimagine retailing, you must analyze rich customer data, not just loyalty tier. You must integrate with an airline’s operational system to ensure the promise of the offer is fulfilled. You must consider how you differentiate product offerings across all direct and indirect customer touchpoints. You must think beyond NDC.

At Sabre, we are uniquely positioned to invest beyond the NDC standard in a traveler-centric, end-to-end retailing ecosystem. Our investments are powered by vast amounts of rich data and ensure smart offers and seamless execution.

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In our latest chapter, we explore the key differentiators of our Beyond NDC strategy, designed to help you go beyond CRM, beyond the seat, beyond ticketing, beyond connectivity and beyond interfaces. By bringing all these pieces together, we consider the full value chain to ensure a win-win-win for all constituents including airline, agencies and travelers.