Iceland is back. Not that it ever really went away.

There’s no hiding from the fact that our well-documented financial troubles, which preceded the rest of Europe, hampered the momentum of the country’s tourism industry.

But the country, its economy and the people are now looking ahead to more exciting and profitable times. In the last few years the country has re-emerged as one of northern Europe‘s favorite holiday destinations. Russians, Brits, our Scandinavian neighbors and Western Europeans are arriving in droves.

What’s the big draw?

Well, there’s the overwhelming attraction of rugged open spaces, spectacular nature and the plentiful leisure activities. That’s what visitors expect. But, our guests are regularly surprised by our rich and diverse culture; food, music, art, literature and events. It’s a unique combination.

On the corporate side, businesses across on both sides of the Atlantic are realizing Iceland is an excellent location for meetings, incentives, conferences and events. The central location between Europe and North America, which has a modern infrastructure and provides impeccable service, is extremely alluring for organizers in search of something special.

Every supplier in the tourism sector has to be prepared for future growth, or risk being left behind by the competition. We, for example, have responded by growing our room and services capacity.

We’re doing this efficiently and intelligently by adopting the latest technology available in the marketplace so we remain a cost-effective, profitable enterprise, and stay ahead of the competition. But whether you’re an airline, airport, ground-transport or accommodation provider, it’s an extremely important moment in the evolution of the travel and tourism sector in Iceland. The tide has turned, and we need to be able to ride the wave.