Today’s world presents unique challenges and opportunities for travel providers in the online space. New entrants to the online travel market, hybrid business models, the growing dependency on mobile devices, and the changing landscape of traveler expectations has changed the game in this evolving industry. Players in the online space need solutions that leverage valuable data to continue serving their customers in ways that are more personal and anticipatory than ever before.

If you are a startup entering the global online travel frontier, a meta looking to expand your customer base or a growing OTA with defined processes in place, a resource like the Sabre Travel Marketplace is a critical tool to have. As a market leader in the online space, our customers have a level of assurance that can only come from our experience in this highly competitive environment.

We help power 2 out of the top 3 metas in the US and over a dozen leading startups. 

9 of the 10 largest OTAs globally partner with Sabre. 

The Sabre Travel Marketplace is our extensive shopping & booking platform. It includes 400+ airlines, 176,000+ hoteliers, 36+ car rental companies and 500+ service-enabled ancillaries. When choosing a technology partner, content that can compete is crucial.

Sabre Travel Marketplace powers over 150 APIs including Bargain Finder Max, which searches for the lowest available priced itineraries based on a travel date. The Low-Fare History API identifies airfare trends within a certain date range to predict whether a rate is expected to increase or decrease – the million-dollar question in the eyes of price sensitive online travelers. APIs like these are backed by the same platform that can help you revolutionize the traveler experience, by adding personalization to the booking and shopping journey.

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