8 seconds. That’s the average length of an adult’s attention span when consuming online information. We’ve grown accustomed to finding relevant information quickly by scanning images and looking for keywords. This has created a society that values and expects instant gratification—if we can’t find it in 8 seconds, we move on.

At Sabre, we have unique insight into how travelers are shopping. We process over three billion CRS shopping transactions per month, contributing to the $10 billion revenue for over 20,000 hotels worldwide. From living and breathing all things travel, we naturally uncover findings that translate to major trends in the industry. One trend is impossible to ignore—consumers are looking for faster, more relevant information, and travel suppliers have to rise to that expectation.

Besides offering personalized deals and key information to customers, hoteliers have to design their websites in a way that conforms to the way shoppers digest information.

With only 8 seconds to convert a looker to a booker, is your information architecture set up for success?

Information Architecture

This infographic on information architecture will help you get an understanding of how important it is to address this information on your website.

Hoteliers can create engaging, easily navigable websites to improve the shopping experience and increase revenue. Given our research on user behavior patterns, we designed SynXis Instasite as a way for hoteliers to get an optimized website up and running in as fast as three days.

With a website management platform crafted for hotels, you can address key concerns that cause 88% of shoppers to drop off the engine before booking.