This is the latest installment of the Travel Expert Index. The TEI is a curated collection of travel professionals that answer a few questions each month about issues critical to the industry. 

Many of us make resolutions for change and transformation when we’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at the start of the year. There’s optimism from having a clean slate of sorts. This focus can fade as the operational realities of the year set in. So while change and transformation are top-of-mind, we asked our Travel Expert Index about this topic.

Pursuing transformation and change

The ability to evolve is essential to any organization. After considering current conditions and potential outcomes, an organization must be ready to adapt. And then develop a strategy to bring about that change. In view of this, we asked our Travel Expert Index this month to look at transformation and the ways that organizations do (or don’t) implement processes to manage change.

We also asked the panel for some New Year’s resolutions. But not for themselves or their companies, but for the travel industry at large. As each travel professional looks to thrive in the new year, our panel makes some suggestions on how we can work together to build a better, more profitable and ultimately more resilient industry.

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