Wow! I cannot believe that 7 weeks have flown by this quickly; to say that my summer internship here at Sabre has kept me busy would be an understatement. However, working at Sabre has been much more than your stereotypical internship position, I’ve been busy but it hasn’t been running copies or picking up coffee.

Outside our team projects, interns here at Sabre also have the Executive Forums, Case Competition, among many other opportunities. How many interns can say they got the secrets to success from the president of their company or the chance to be innovative on a business case and present it to executives? Well the 155 Sabre interns can! I won’t deny that at first moving half way across the country (I’m originally from Michigan) was a daunting idea, especially considering the “typical internship” positions but there has been absolutely nothing typical about my experience here at Sabre.

While working on the SabreSonic Customer Sales and Service (CSS) Delivery team, I was assigned to work on the CSS Cost of Implementations Initiatives – which is one of the top six initiatives across all of Airline Solutions (AS)! The fact that as an intern I have been allowed to be part of such an important project has been an absolutely phenomenal experience. The goal of the Cost Initiative is to reduce the cost of implementations and I personally have been working on the Revenue Manager and Flight Plan Manager components. Being able to see this process end-to-end has taught me so much already about project management, Six Sigma, and data analysis. University can never truly prepare you for the challenges associated with this kind of project the way that being a contributor can; it is a moment where you have to “run into the fire,” and I like to think that is exactly what I have done. I was also lucky enough to be chosen to present my work during an executive meeting where I will present my project and experience to the executives. Most interns don’t get to meet their executives let alone present to them.

I look forward to seeing the final results for the cost initiative and my case competition team in the upcoming weeks. Yet even now, it is safe to say that my experience at Sabre has been one filled with opportunities that blow the stereotypical internship program away. That original 1,500-mile move, is now one that I would make in a heartbeat after learning what the Sabre intern program has to offer. This experience is one that can only be shared by the Sabre interns and it is value is one that even the best analyst would have a hard time putting a price on.