Group travel is a highly profitable market within the travel industry. For travel consultants this is especially true – why make one booking when you can make 20?! Securing reservations for such complex trips requires the expertise of a highly skilled travel consultant, but no matter how much experience a consultant has there is always an opportunity to make things easier.

That’s exactly what Sabre has done with Group Wizard, a new solution for consultants to make group bookings faster and easier. Now found on the Sabre Red App Centre, Group Wizard uses new functionality designed to streamline the booking process. Within the app, travel consultants can make group bookings for any airline that supports. The graphical interface offers an simple step-by-step guide through the booking process and the airline’s policies. The best part? No more trying to remember or insert manual formats!

Sabre’s Group Wizard is an industry leading group booking tool that enables agencies to:

  • Book a group trip with one of five booking solutions: Live, Claim it, Passive, Multi-Access or Group Management Tool (GMT)
  • Apply agency customer data from Sabre profiles
  • Add, change and delete names easily from an Excel file
  • Streamline the ‘divide’ action to prevent synchronization issues
  • Provide a seat map and the ability to book preferred seats
  • Price and issue all passengers with just one click
  • Display all passenger names and their associated preferences

“The Group Wizard app is a brilliant tool and is very simple to use with its graphical interface. One of the big advantages is that groups are handled the most efficient way by sending all teletype data correctly to the airlines to avoid mistakes.” Pia Hansen, Support Manager KILROY International A/S

Group Wizard is the smart application for group bookings (after all, it is a wizard!) It makes complex formats and the need to remember airline processes obsolete. Try Group Wizard yourself – download it now for free from the Sabre Red App Centre.