Meet Greg Gilchrist, SVP and Chief Customer Officer, Sabre Airline Solutions

Greg Gilchrist is senior vice president and chief customer officer for Sabre Airline Solutions®. An airline technology veteran with 25 years of industry experience, Gilchrist is responsible for overseeing all customer engagement and commercial processes. This includes sales, account management, relationship management and customer support for Sabre Airline Solutions customers worldwide.

Under his leadership and guidance, Sabre Airline Solutions has grown substantially over the past decade while maintaining a strong focus on the broad customer base. Gilchrist led an effort to bring customer management into one team focused on defining and executing end-to-end customer management best practices. This team drives customer management initiatives across the organization with a major focus on customer retention and loyalty.

Gilchrist has worked in a variety of customer-facing roles across Sabre. He served as vice president of strategic accounts where he led the teams responsible for managing all aspects of business and client management for Sabre Airline Solutions’ largest customers. Prior to that, he oversaw the company’s emerging businesses and key outsourcing initiatives. Gilchrist began his career at Sabre leading teams responsible for Asia-Pacific sales and marketing.

Before joining Sabre, Gilchrist worked in a variety of management and executive positions at Unisys that focused on the technology and services needs of the airline market.

A recognized leader in the airline industry, Gilchrist has served on numerous boards and industry groups and is currently on the SITA Council.

Gilchrist appreciates the opportunity to be out on the golf course, as well as spending time at home with his wife and four children.

Gilchrist holds a Bachelor’s degree in history, politics, and law from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.