We all long to be understood and to feel like we belong. This is true no matter who we are and no matter where we might travel or why.

Hoteliers know this, and I believe many would say this is why they love their jobs. Every day brings a fresh wave of guests, each one with his or her own experiences, expectations and reasons for being on the road. Every day, our customers – hoteliers at over 32,000 properties in 160 countries – go above and beyond to deliver experiences that make those millions of guests feel truly known and welcomed.

As we’ve worked with the hoteliers we serve, we’ve learned a truth that is fundamental to our industry: True Hospitality is delivered when you know the unique expectations of each guest and find ways to exceed those expectations, time after time. There are many ways our customers achieve this goal for the guests they serve, from personalization and amenities to creating inspiring spaces and memorable experiences. I continue to be inspired and energized to learn how all of us, working together, create not just value but a sense of belonging for hotel guests.


It’s always exciting to hear from our customers what True Hospitality means to them and to learn how technology is empowering them to create those experiences for their guests. Some people may fear that technology will make their world less personal, but in our years of working with the hospitality industry we’ve learned that our technology makes it possible for our customers to focus on what they do best.

We’re dedicated to providing the solutions and support behind the scenes that empower hoteliers to create seamless guest experiences. Whether it is through our SynXis Booking Engine inspiring guests as they shop and book or SynXis Property Manager enabling top-quality guest service, our broad portfolio of solutions powers truly hospitable experiences at every step of the guest journey.

We’re proud to provide the platform at the heart of True Hospitality. We enable hotels and chains of all sizes, all around the world to provide the best possible experience to their guests. It’s our pleasure to share some stories of what True Hospitality means to our customers. Your guests inspire you, and knowing how we’ve helped you deliver on this promise to guests is what inspires us.