Our technology ensures our corporate and agency customers are successful by driving travel policy compliance, cost savings and providing travelers with a great online booking experience. GetThere® is an industry leading online booking tool with 78% adoption among corporate travelers globally. We are pleased to share the results of a recent third party audit.

Topaz International Ltd.1 recently led an audit on behalf of one of our top 10 corporate customers. As part of the audit, Topaz received 9,682 Passenger Name Records (PNRs) from GetThere. Over 1,410 bookings were audited to ensure that GetThere was offering the lowest fare within travel policy. GetThere resulted in 100% accuracy for domestic and international flights, which is above the national average of 99.24% for the same time period.

In parallel, they conducted an internet search that compared rates from GetThere against three different airline sites. The results reported from Topaz are as follows:

On GetThere, 350 PNRs were compared with the fares found on the internet returning a lower applicable fare 1.02% of the time, a higher fare 97.23% of the time and the same fare 1.75% of the time. Had all itineraries been purchased directly with each of the airline direct sites, the additional cost for the corporation would have been $106,336, making the total cost to the customer $328,270 vs. actual fares of $221,933, an average of $101 per business traveler.

A modern user experience, exceptional online adoption, near-perfect stability and a robust policy engine are just some of the ways GetThere delivers on business travel. Learn more about the technology our corporate and agency customers depend on. The proof is in the numbers.

1TOPAZ is an independent, third-party airfare auditing firm located in Portland, Oregon. Auditors reviewed a random sample of the domestic and international airfare reservations created through GetThere.