One size never fits all.

While branded fares aren’t new to the airline industry, the distribution of these fares has typically been limited to the airline direct channel. In most cases, except Australia/New Zealand, and a handful of other carriers around the world, branded fares have only been available on the carriers’ web sites. Since the launch of the ATPCO industry standard, many carriers have adjusted the way they deliver branded fares. More specifically with how they are distributed, including the GDS channel.

With many airlines now offering their branded fares in Sabre, GetThere is pleased to extend these fares to our corporate customers and their travelers. Sabre Branded Fares capabilities will release to the market the first week of March 2017.


Business travelers will now have access to consistent fare options which will increase online bookings and reduce costs. As we hear more about personalization and understand the uniqueness of every traveler, it’s reasonable to expect we need to provide travelers with a variety of brand choices with the extras they want.

Other key benefits include:

  • Align with travel policy and the traveler’s requirement
  • Access to additional fare options beyond lowest air fare
  • Provide travelers with the full breadth of branded fares offered by the air carriers

Access to branded fares will provide an optimal search, shop and book experience. On round-trip itineraries, a color bar has been added to the left side of the flight “card.” A different color bar is used to distinguish the user-selected itinerary from the suggested lower fare flight options.

This feature will be available for all customers that have Sabre as the primary GDS. GetThere users will have access to more content and ability to differentiate various fare offerings from the carrier.

This assumes that the customer’s TMC is prepared to support fulfillment of these fares. And If you haven’t already considered branded fares and ancillary fees in your travel policy, doing so is an important first step to providing more visibility for traveler expectations, enforcing spending limits and accurate reporting on the backend.

AU/NZ – customers in this region will lose the Seat Only brand offered by Air New Zealand due to the fact this fare is still being filed by the airline using passenger type code.

Enabling Sabre Branded Fares is easy! Contact your TMC or GetThere Site Manager to implement branded fares.

In addition to the new Sabre Branded Fares offering, GetThere is newly redesigned with a consumer-grade experience delivering the same intuitive interface on any device – desktop or mobile. With the new updated design, comes new features. Introducing new air, hotel, and car shopping pages as well as the ability to book, cancel, or change reservations mid-trip all from a mobile device. Travelers are now empowered to easily book and manage in-policy travel on their own terms whether that’s on the desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

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