It’s time to pay in a brand new way!

How confident are you that your travelers’ forms of payment are secure? Do you fear fraudulent charges and activity? In today’s world of digital wallets and virtual payments, there are many new opportunities to provide a better experience to travelers while also offering increased policy compliance and expense control for travel managers. Virtual cards are revolutionizing payments and helping to reduce the cost and complexity of corporate travel programs. Travelers experience a whole new level of security and convenience and while the cards may be virtual, the security is real.

Say bye-bye to risky travel

In today’s digital age, fraudulent and non-compliant spending costs organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. Replacing plastic cards with virtual cards improves security. With the ability to include specific credit limits, merchant category controls and date restrictions, these safeguards give you peace of mind that your payment is secure. While plastic credit cards are at risk of being lost, stolen, or misused, a virtual card has built in protection. Each virtual card is a unique number assigned to a specific travel event that can be limited to approved locations, and authorized for a pre-set amount which greatly reducing the risk of fraud.

Manage all travelers

Organizations struggle to find a solution for infrequent travelers, contractors, recruits, temporary staff, vendors who are directly billed and those employees that do not qualify for a corporate credit card. Virtual cards provide an efficient way to pay for travel without complex invoicing procedures or undue exposure to fraud.

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