Today marks an auspicious day in the history of modern technology: September 8,1966 is when the first episode of Star Trek aired on television. This is significant, as the series was one of the most forward-looking views on technology.

Fifty years later, some of these technologies are gaining traction. One of the biggest shifts in thinking proposed by Star Trek was voice. By using voice as the interface for engaging with technology, the series presaged much of the progress we see today in modern technology.

Voice has become a primary interface for technology

In travel, voice has only just begun to reveal how it can shift interactions and enhance experience for both consumers and travel suppliers themselves. From semantic search via voice to interacting with reservations systems, voice changes the game when it comes to both transactions and operations in travel.

In honor of the legend, here’s a look back at 50 years of voice technology. Enjoy the History of Voice, thanks to the futurists of the past and present!
History of Voice - Infographic by Sabre-1

History of Voice – Infographic by Sabre