Travelers who manage their itinerary on the go with TripCase, now have one more reason to download the free award-winning mobile app. With the latest TripCase enhancements, travelers can use their phone to view the virtual payment card used to book their hotel.

That’s right – the same app travelers use to manage their itinerary details and stay on top of flight changes can now be used to ensure a smooth check-in process when they arrive at their hotel.


How it works:

  1. If Sabre Virtual Payments was used to book a traveler’s hotel reservations, a message will be displayed in TripCase informing the traveler that an image of the Virtual Card will be available on the check-in day.
  2. On the check-in day, the traveler can pull up a rendering of the virtual card payment if needed to show the hotel agent at the check-in desk.
  3. The card will not be available after the check-out date since the card will no longer be valid. This is one of the many benefits of using a virtual card – it ensures the traveler and the traveler’s employer are protected for fraud.

In order for the virtual card information to be seamlessly available in TripCase, the traveler’s email address associated with the booking must be the same email address the traveler used to create his or her TripCase account. It’s that simple! No additional charge and no additional work required of the agency or corporation.