Today’s travel consultants understand that the key to creating a frictionless business travel experience is leveraging individual preferences across every aspect of the journey, from airfare to car bookings, special amenities and equipment. Personalizing the car rental experience with the right vehicle class and specific destination information (area hotspots, cultural information, happenings, etc.) creates a positive door-to-door experience that reduces traveler stress and optimizes satisfaction. These opportunities hinge on the right expertise, tools, and support.

Ground transportation services that put the travel consultant at the center of their design and functionality empower travel consultants to better serve their travelers by streamlining the booking process and providing the kind of personalized service customers want — and appreciate.

Simple, Streamlined Solutions

Door-to-door service has evolved to include reaching the final destination in the manner in which the traveler prefers, at the right pace, and without hassle or unwanted surprises. Providing this streamlined service to business travelers is contingent upon travel consultants having direct access to various transportation companies on a global scale. Having guaranteed extras — anything from in-car features to prepaid parking — makes the journey more productive. Travel consultants who are empowered to create flexible itineraries are best positioned to deliver the experience customers expect. Happy travelers equate to happy travel consultants. And all of this is great for the business.

Expanded Offerings   

Expanding the ways in which travel consultants assist business travelers not only fosters loyalty but also leads to additional opportunities for revenue. Sabre’s ground transportation services provide flexible solutions, enhanced reliability, amenity-rich user experiences, and better bookings.

Shaping the Business Travel Experience

When the travel consultant is empowered with the ability to cover the entire journey — from air carrier to ground transportation — the business traveler is better served. After all, the experience the travel consultant provides goes a long way in influencing the travel experience.

Meeting the demands of today’s business traveler means delivering personalized service and making every step of the journey as seamless as possible. Ground transportation services are designed to enhance that process — and keep customers coming back.

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