Did you know that on-time performance is the top factor impacting airline brand perception? According to IATA’s 2015 Global Passenger Survey, delayed arrivals are the top traveler complaint. These travelers even rated timely arrivals above aircraft quality and interior as most important!

To deliver on their brand promise, airlines must continually improve operational performance. This is a goal often challenged by growing passenger volumes and constrained air space. Investing in technology that manages disruption benefits the passenger’s expectations and the airline’s profits. These technologies can help airlines fulfill the “full-service” and “customer-friendly” attributes that travelers seek.

Figure 1


Thanks to improvements in other industries, travelers have greater expectations than ever before. Rising expectations have created a new benchmark for quality experiences. Today’s consumer seeks a personalized-yet-swift experience with every interaction, regardless of touchpoint or location.

To match this demand, many airlines are centering their business on the traveler.  A recent airline executive survey conducted by Forbes Insights and Sabre found that 61% of airlines place customers at the core of their brand promise. In order to meet and exceed traveler expectations, the customer must come first.

Airlines are working diligently to streamline the airport journey. By providing more personalized product offers, airlines can also deliver more memorable in-flight experiences. Yet, there’s room to improve on the most important part of the traveler’s experience – Getting passengers to their destination on time.

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