There are a variety of things that make for an unpleasant trip—complicated check-in processes, invasive security protocols, surprise baggage fees or a lengthy boarding process—but one of the most consistently reported pain points is the limited space in an airplane seat.

More people are flying than they did last year, and according to TripAdvisor’s sixth annual air travel survey, uncomfortable seats are travelers’ biggest complaint. 73% of passengers reported dissatisfaction with uncomfortable seating and limited legroom on flights.

Many passengers are advocating for a more spacious flight experience. Some have started a revolt against the cramped conditions by signing a petition to make a legal change to the way passengers are treated. There was also the controversial invention of the airplane knee defender that seemed to ignite legroom wars.

A less extreme solution to airplane discomfort is the upgrade to premium seating. However, business travelers have found this process to be strenuous and inconvenient—especially when their corporate policy did not allow for an upgrade.

Until recently, business travelers booked their flights using an online booking tool like GetThere and then later called their travel agent or visited their carriers’ website to select and purchase an upgraded seat.

Now with the recent release of GetThere extras, business travelers purchasing United Airlines Economy Plus extra-legroom seats no longer have to upgrade their seats outside of the booking tool—making it easier for them to get the experience they want.

Now available globally, business travelers have the option to pay with personal credit cards for times when corporate travel policy does not allow for upgraded seats. United Airlines is the first airline to deliver this capability to travelers and is already selling its extra-legroom seats via GetThere Air Extras.

When viewing the seat map on GetThere, travelers will see available seats and the associated price.  During checkout, travelers will see all of the fees associated with the seat they selected and can easily select their credit card of choice.

Traveling for business isn’t always easy. Living out of luggage, constantly packing and unpacking, and staying glued to mobile devices can derail travelers’ routines, making them uneasy. This new streamlined process for upgrading seats is one way to help passengers have a stress-free travel experience.

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