Companies are always seeking ways to reduce travel expenses. Travelers want convenient, mobile self-service options for booking and managing trips. Following company travel policies helps keep costs down, but doing so can be highly inconvenient for the on-the-go business traveler. The struggle is real.

Once again, Sabre has a solution. TripCase, our traveler-friendly app is now fully integrated with our travel-policy-friendly tool, GetThere. And it’s getting rave reviews from both business travelers and the companies they represent.

What’s new?

Companies have long been using GetThere to empower business travelers to book travel on their own.  Now, by integrating the traveler-centric design of the TripCase app with the extensive booking capabilities of GetThere, travelers can book, cancel and change travel plans on their own with a single sign on from wherever they happen to be. With just a few taps on their smartphone, users can easily add elements to their trip with the assurance that they’re booking within corporate policy. Plans change? Trip cancelled? TripCase has it covered.

Traveler benefits

To travelers, many of the benefits are obvious. TripCase makes it easier by providing a single place to manage travel on the go with a simple, convenient tool. Need to check on tomorrow’s flight time? All the trip details are available with a few taps. Want to track personal itineraries alongside business ones? TripCase allows travelers to identify an entire booking or a single attribute as business or personal. But, travel managers will love TripCase, too.

Corporate benefits

Empowering travelers to book, cancel or change their own travel on the go saves money. Last-minute changes, particularly those that come up after hours, often require costly, fee-ridden calls to a travel agency. Not anymore. If a traveler chooses to rent a car instead of using public transportation as planned, companies can rest easy, knowing the booking will be with a company-approved vendor.

But, benefits exist below the surface as well. With an all-in-one travel management tool like GetThere, companies are also assured their travel risk-management duties are supported. The TripCase integration helps track last-minute changes to plans in the event the traveler needs to be located in an emergency. As an added bonus, this increased visibility and compliance gives companies better data reporting, which enhances future negotiations with vendors.

Expect adoption rates to rise

GetThere already has an industry-leading 81% adoption rate within companies that use the tool—far exceeding the industry average. With its new, mobile-friendly interface, companies using it could see that adoption rate go even higher.

Any traveler who has had to deal with the headache of calling the travel agency at 10 pm on a Tuesday when their flight got changed will love the new TripCase and GetThere integration. And, any travel manager trying to cut costs will, too.

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