Most of us share the desire to live in community, whether that’s at work or home. We have the need to connect on some level – every day.

Even more, in our technology-crazed world, it’s the ease of communication that has created a new standard for customer support.  At Sabre, our mission is to not only to provide best in class technology solutions/products for our customers, but we also make it a priority to collaborate with experts who understand our footprint within the travel industry. We know that travelers expect quick, accurate, and personal support – every time.

That’s why Sabre has merged the desire for community with the requirement for great support.  Sabre Agent Connect is an online support community for travel agents to engage with other travel agents; asking questions, sharing knowledge and getting answers from other experts in the travel industry.

Most travel agents are familiar with the traditional support options such as – quick reference guides, training classes, or online help tools but Agent Connect takes a totally different approach. It allows travel agents to #connect with other travel professionals, #collaborate through knowledge sharing, and #contribute their own thoughts and ideas.

But don’t just take my word for it; I think my fellow community members says it best –

“Agent Connect is a great way for the travel community to sound off and ask questions in an environment that is just for us, exchanging information and getting to know other travel professionals throughout the world. I love being a part of it.”

Diane Detmering (Mary Kay Travel, Dallas, TX)

We encourage all Sabre Travel Agents to join Agent Connect via the Sabre Red Workspace and look forward to #connecting, #collaborating, and #contributing with you!

Are you ready to #connect?