Articles by: Sophie Sheppard

Sophie Sheppard is a Brand Marketing Manager for Sabre Travel Network in EMEA.

Blog Oct 17, 2017

Promoting frictionless travel in EMEA

Business travelers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) place a high value on their travel experience, making it important...

Blog Mar 31, 2017

Keep pace with Virtuoso: How to decrease ADMs by 64%

Agency Debit Memos (ADMs), generated when issues arise with airline transactions, have been a growing issue for travel agents in...

Blog Mar 16, 2017

Safran and its key partners selected Sabre to remodel its travel technology platform

Aerospace, defense and security technology group Safran – headquartered in France – operates worldwide with more than 70,000 employees working...

Blog Mar 2, 2017

Sabre enables Dominicana Tours to expand horizons and deliver new global capabilities

Viajes Dominicana Tours is one of Spain’s best-known leisure travel agents, specialising in travel to the Americas and Caribbean. With...

Blog Feb 14, 2017

Otravo and Sabre continue their journey of innovation and growth

Innovation and growth are words we hear every day. But what do these mean to your business and how can...

Blog Jan 25, 2017

An agency case study: Smart tech fuels growth for Gattinoni

If there's one thing to know about Gattitoni...'s that it has a phenomenal history of continuous innovation and growth....