Articles by: Lacey Nichols

Lacey is a Principal in Marketing Communications for Sabre Travel Network

Blog Oct 20, 2017

Time well spent: Promoting frictionless travel in North America

Time spent in transit is one of the biggest challenges for North American business travelers. From the hours on a...

Blog Oct 10, 2017

What the global business traveler wants

High-performing organizations focus on providing frictionless travel For a growing number of working professionals, business travel is a part of...

Blog Sep 15, 2017

Mobile innovations that reshape the business travel experience

Smartphone usage continues to grow at an astounding rate as fast mobile Internet access transforms nearly all facets of life....

Blog Sep 11, 2017

Mobile Travelers: Creating a frictionless travel experience

Recall the movie Planes, Trains & Automobiles with Steve Martin and John Candy? Steve Martin plays a marketing executive that’s...